This Web Site was developed by Mars Media Design.

Founded in 2001, Mars Media Design (,, is a Montreal based graphic arts company, quickly becoming a recognized leader in the development of innovative websites. We continuously strive to use the latest technology, creating various formats of exciting and dynamic presentation materials. Mars Media Design has built a team of professionals to provide expertise in the areas of Graphic Arts, Web Design, Programming, Animation, Industrial Photography and Video Productions.

We are continuously expanding our list of services to satisfy our clients growing demands. Some of our key services include:

Web Site Design: concept, design, development, optimization and search engine registration of exciting web sites, complete with integrated video, audio, animation and more….
Your web site is quickly becoming the first point of contact for anyone interested in your company, services and/or products.
Who are you? ... What is it you do? ... these questions are being answered by your web site long before your potential client ever contacts you. Additionally, many of these interested parties base their "first impression" of your company on the appearance of your site. Let Mars Media Design develop your online presence to reflect your companies professionalism and dedication to excellence. Whether you require a new site, or simply want to give your current site a face-lift, we'll gladly meet with you to discuss the possibilities. We offer a complete A to Z approach, everything you need to turn your idea into a fully functional website: Concept and Design, Domain Name Registration (.com, .ca, .net etc...), Hosting Packages, HTML, PHP & Flash Development (web site and animation), e-Commerce (sell your products online), LiveSupport Modules (visitor can instantly chat with company rep), Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Registration and much more..

Web Hosting: Mars Media Design has recently launched Mars Frontiers (, a no nonsense web site hosting provider. With Mars Frontiers, our goal is to offer our clients a simple to use hosting service. Clients can set up and control every aspect of their web site as well as configure their email needs. Basic package ("Pathfinder") includes: 100 MB of storage, 1 GB of bandwidth, 99% uptime, contract free, unlimited email accounts, web mail and much, much more.

Digital Photography: Industrial, Portrait and Commercial Photography services are offered for use in both the print and Web environment. We are equipped to produce silver based positives / negatives or high quality digital images, for use in all your printing and/or digital requirements. Additional services include: Scanning, Digital Retouching and Restoration, Digital Editing and Special FX, Electronic Photo Album (web, CD/DVD), Optimization for use on the web, Slide Show development

DVD Production and Authoring: superior quality video presentations, ideal for promotion and training videos.
DVD is now the fastest growing consumer format ever and its no surprise. Premium quality video, surround sound audio, instant picture control, all in a format that is set to last forever. DVD is ideal for distributing extremely high quality, full screen, full motion video presentations to your potential clients.
Possible applications: Product Presentation, Trade Shows (large screen presentations), Trade Show Handouts, Product Launch, Seminar Presentations, Training And Teaching Seminars, Corporate Presentations, Promotions, Multimedia Presentations, Full Sales Presentations, Customer Service Tool, PR or Image Enhancement, Promotional Item, Catalogue of Products, Video Brochure, Media Kit, Press Release, Company Portfolio, Corporate Video, Promotional Use, Interactive Multi-Media Tours, Company Information, Direct Marketing, Company Promotion, Movie/CD Sampler.

E-Commerce: for those wishing to sell products online, Mars Media Design can develop a fully interactive E-Commerce web store, capable of displaying numerous products and performing secure, online transactions.

Flash Animation: give your presentation life, Mars Media Design offers the development and integration of Flash Animation greatly increasing viewer interest. Flash Animation is your answer if you require interactive and engaging content, including streaming video, animation, audio, vector graphics, and bitmap graphics to create high-impact user interfaces, product tours, rich media advertising and application.

Graphic Arts: at the heart of everything we do lie our solid, imaginative graphic arts skills. Whether it be a Website, an Interactive Presentation or a printed Brochure, we guarantee good, clean, sharp images and powerful graphic design. Doodled an idea on a napkin...?... already started something or have no idea what you want..?.. we can help! We can take your ideas, no matter how "off-the-wall" and create a concept, design, layout and print ready artwork for use in products such as: Business Cards, CD's and CD Covers, Chocolate Bar Wrappers, Brochures and Manuals, Logos, Web sites, Flyers, Labels, Letterheads, Catalogs and countless Promotional Items (T-shirts, Mugs, Key Chains, etc....)

Interactive CD and DVD: primarily used as a sales tool to present the company and/or product in an off-line environment. Also an excellent media for presenting a catalogue of products/inventory. The interactive CD/DVD can be a customized, powerful marketing tool, specifically developed with the industrial manufacturer in mind ...those of you who actually create products and need a way to promote and support those products. With an interactive CD/DVD, you're handing a potential customer a business card sized CD containing extensive information about your products, services and business. Your customized CD DVD will present all the relevant information in the form of an exciting multimedia presentation, fully narrated and interactive... promoting your product or service just as you would in person. It's easy to use, informative, entertaining and fully interactive, allowing the viewer to easily access specific information of interest.
A typical CD DVD presentation features a user friendly animated interface and will contain any or all of the following: Video product demonstration, Video of product maintenance (i.e. change over, repair, training), Contact information, Link to your web site, Company overview, Message from your sales manager, Photos of your product, Narration & music, Features and Benefits section, Technical Specifications, Performance Analysis, Options List, Printable brochures, Instruction Manual, Spare Parts List, Reviews & Testimonials, Pricing (or request form), Related products catalogue, Participating Tradeshow schedule ..and, it all fits in your shirt pocket!
Mars Media Design provides the complete package... On site filming of your product in action. (DVD quality), On site photo shoot of product, Planning and organization of text based information, Brochure Development, Technical Writing (Instruction Manual), Web page development (for "linked" information such as tradeshow listing), Editing of video, Professional narration, Authoring of master CD, Multi-copy duplication service.
Mars Media Design can also incorporate your existing promotional materials. PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, Quicktime, MPEG, AVI, SWF and many more formats can all be integrated into your next Interactive CD DVD. Some possible interactive CD DVD applications are: Interactive Business Card, Product Presentation, Trade Show Hand-outs, Catalogs, Brochures, Training material, Spare parts listing, Instruction Manuals, Tutorials, Product Launch, Sales Presentations, Press Kit, Company Portfolio

Video Productions and Editing: complete video production, editing and web integration. If a photo is worth a thousand words... then imagine the impact a video has! Video is an integral part of any multimedia presentation and Mars Media Design is set up to meet all of your Video requirements. The possibilities of video are endless, and often overlooked due to the perceived high cost of producing them. Promotion, Education, Training, Demonstration, Exhibition ... Video does it all!
Professional Video productions include Story Boarding, Script Writing and Editing. The finished production can be compressed to accommodate numerous formats such as VHS, CD-ROM, DVD and Web integration.