The all Natural key to your needs with fully potent plant extracts.

Energy, Concentration, Cholesterol, Articulation and support joints, Diabetes, and Menopause. This is what you will achieve quickly with Pharmavigor Herbal Liquids, tablets and softgels.

More…now with Macavigor™ EXTRA the tablet of your dreams, ENERGIZE your libido…and provide vitality. IT WORKS FOR BOTH WOMEN AND MEN. Proven highly effective as far back as the Inca.
Pharmavigor Inc. applies in the manufacturing of naturals, the highest pharmaceutical standards to guarantee the exact dosage of the active elements.

We have formulated our products to keep the full potency of the plant extract through an exclusive manufacturing process. The Vigor of the extract is airtight sealed in the vial.

Product Certification is available upon request. Pharmavigor uses Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) under government license and is a Canadian based corporation.
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